A Simple Way to Create a Welcoming Space with ArT

When winter turned to spring earlier this year, the return of working people to the Loop seemed closer than ever. We began to see an opportunity to greet them with a fresh dose of vibrant color.

It took a little imagination to see it, but the un-leased retail space on Franklin and Monroe became the perfect canvas for an artist’s vision — and a lively “welcome back” to our returning customers.

Partnership: Arts of Life +
Tishman Speyer

For many years, Tishman Speyer has worked with artists to create communal experiences for its commercial customers.
Arts of Life and Tishman Speyer have found a shared passion for reaching people and nurturing communities through the richness of artistic expression. This collaboration at The Franklin is meant to bring people, talent, and spaces together to make connections and kindle the imagination.

About the Artist

Tim Stone grew up in Park Ridge, IL, where he began sketching his first subject, Mickey Mouse, at the age of five. He soon grew beyond recreating others’ images, and began exploring abstract image-making. Tim later joined Arts of Life, bringing his seemingly unlimited energy to drawing, painting, collaborative projects, and sculpture. He is an active member of the curatorial committee, assisting with the selection and display of various local and national artists at Circle Contemporary.

About the Space

This exhibit will not last forever! Enjoy it while it lasts, and once it closes, consider making it the canvas for your next retail initiative.

See below to contact Ellen May or Carey Spignese for details.